E-Z Up Sierra II Canopy

Just as the name implies, the E-Z Up Sierra II Canopy is easy to set up and use! The E-Z Up Sierra II Canopy is perfect for summer days spent by the pool, lounging at the beach, grilling in the afternoons, or relaxing in the great outdoors. The canopy comes in 2 sizes: 10×10 and 12×12 feet so consumers have a few choices depending on their needs.


The E-Z Up Sierra II Canopy has a fire-resistant polyester canopy top that comes in 4 different colors: blue, red, tan and camouflage. The canopy top’s material can also block out most of the harmful UV rays from the sun due to its silver interior. The canopy top fits tightly around the metal frame so there is no need to worry about it flying away during high winds. The metal frame is powder coated to resist rust and provide extra protection against the elements.

Included Extras

The E-Z Up Sierra II Canopy also comes with ground spikes which add more security to the frame and helps anchor the canopy into the ground for more support. Its legs are angled so it has more stability on uneven surfaces. The E-Z Up Sierra II Canopy package comes with a roller bag so all the pieces and parts fit together in one convenient place. With the addition of the roller bag, it is easy to move the canopy from one place to another without adding the strain to your back or arms.

Packing up is a breeze too as it only takes few minutes to pinch the corners and push it together. After it has been taken down, the pop-up canopy fits easily in the included bag and can be stored in closets or the garage. Along with the added extras, the canopy also comes with a side wall that can be added or removed for more protection from the elements.

No special tools are needed to set up the canopy but more than one person may be needed when it comes time to set it up. The canopy is lightweight, around 33 pounds, so it is easy to move from place to place. The canopy comes with a 2 year warranty so there is no need to worry if something should go wrong with the canopy.

Customer Reviews

Customers enjoy the fact that the canopy does well in all types of wind and weather. The ease of setup and cost of the product are also high points for the customers. However, many customers note that it may take more than one person to take down the canopy. Overall, customers are pleased with the results that they have seen from the use of the canopy. Consumers also note that the size on the website is not the exact size of the canopy so be careful when ordering.

This canopy is very affordable and retails for around $90-$95 on Amazon, depending on the size.

Whether you are camping, grilling or just hanging out outside, E-Z Up Sierra II Canopy has got you covered!

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